Agtek Smartplan

McMillan Construction adds Agtek Smartplan to its list of site tools!

The new output vehicle of choice for AGTEK 4D software, SmartPlan geo-references your plan sheets, cut-fill maps, paving areas, pipe runs, and takeoff quantities using the GPS positioning capability built into your smartphone or tablet.

You walk the site armed with a geo-referenced plan set–and 4D takeoff–mapped onto your smartphone or tablet. Ideal for site inspections or managing work, SmartPlan can be used to geo-locate grading limits, pad corners, slope toes, daylight lines and any other plan features. Or let it record your track as you map

out locations or areas of interest, such as obstructions, spoil piles, removals, haul paths or work areas.

Let SmartPlan record your job site documentation photos, and it will geo-locate, time-stamp, and send them back to the office–along with your tracks–by way of the Cloud.

SmartPlan works with Android phones or tablets, and with iPhones and cell capable iPads . Master SmartPlan in minutes with expert web training from AGTEK.